Ken has published fifteen books in the last fifteen years on impressionist photography and alternative printing techniques. They have all sold out.

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Wanderings: a global journey of minds

A real collector’s item! Behind Ken on this project is noted author Candida Baker, who worked with Ken on “She: a visual celebration of women”.

As this is a handmade project, (and an ideal gift for a loved one), purchase price is $195 (including international postage) and orders are now being taken for this very limited edition by email to Ken at



SHE: A visual celebration of women

Ken’s latest book “SHE: A visual celebration of women” pushed the boundaries of photography and art combined. His striking photography is merged with art including acrylics, silk screening, pencil and textures. Text is by writers Candida Baker, Jane Camens and Wendy Verity.


Venice Remembered 1972-2010

A collector’s edition of just 10 copies, this hand-crafted hardcover book comes in an engraved silver tin with two original prints of Venice, signed and numbered, one each from 1972 and 2010.

$340 plus $15 postage and handling. (One copy remaining)


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